Why should I choose Nautical Vapes?

Nautical vapes is a family run, well establish business in the heart of yorkshire, we have been traing since 2011, the first E-cig shop in bradford. we have years of expiernce, and our own liquids will give any other juice compnay a run for there money,

Will I quit smoking?

Vaping is the easiest was to stop smoking, you do need that little bit of will power still tho.

Is it safe to vape whilst pregnant?

Please seek medical advice by you GP.

Why is there a burnt taste when I am smoking my E-cig?

It tastes burnt because the wick inside your atomizer coil has dried out and burned up when it was heated. … If the wick is not fully saturated with eliquid when you take a puff, this material can char and leave a foul taste in your mouth. Vapers call this a ‘dry hit.

My E-cig is not working, Why could this be?

This could be a number of things, get in touch with the placwe where you purchased your device.

Why should my E-cig be leaking?

This could be a number of reason, burnt coil, smashed glass, or rubber seal missing, thinner liquid can also cause your device to leak.

Why is my E-cig lighting up but I don’t seem to be getting any vapour?

check your coil is fitted correctly, also check the battery.

Can I use my E-cig where you are not allowed to smoke?

vaping is not banned indoors but compnay have there own regulations.

Am I safer vaping than smoking cigarettes?

NHS have done studies and vaping in 95% safer than smoking.

Can anyone buy E-cigs?

Aslong as there over 18 years of age in the uk.

Can I return my E-cig if I don’t like It?

returns will only be accpeted if Faulty.

How long will it take for my products to arrive?

Average arrival time is 2 – 3 days with delivery confirmation. Express Mail: for packages that need to get to their destination quickly. Average arrival time is 24 – 36 hours and items ordered with Express Mail are automatically prioritized.

Where is Nautical Vapes located?

we are based in bradford, 1192b bolton rd, bd24ht.


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